Week 26 – Parting Shots

This tree is right outside my house and will look like this again in a few weeks. Really looking forward to that.


imageIt came fast. It came slow.

The end.

Except it isn’t the end.

Most activity will continue. Giving me more traction towards my DMP.

Much stuff still to catch up on.

My biggest accomplishment so far was just to keep going. No matter what. There have been lots and lots and lots of whats.

Sometimes I was, and am, soooooooo far behind, the most logical thing to do would be to quit.  Well that wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Keepin’ goin’ makes all the difference and is still life changing.

I know I now have a leg up to Go90Grow. And all the lessons for both are reinforced.

I’m looking forward to participation in March to 3000. I enjoyed the first call with Carol.

All this will make me feel that I’m getting even further behind. Must push that kind of thinking to the back. Not useful. Not productive.

Just keep going.

It’s all good. One of my favorite phrases.

Its too easy to point to the defective. The problem.The not yet perfect. They are all so irrelevant.

Stay tuned for what’s next.



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My small claim to fame is that I have set foot on every continent on this planet. My chief aim is to stay well. Very well. Quite literally, from soups to notes, from supplements to Sonos, I do everything I can find out to keep my cells happy. Very happy. This year I took on support of Naapok BeadWorks. Featuring Beadart of the Masai women of northern Tanzania. Some 60 women, and their children, receive stipends from the sale of their bead art. I love helping people who are doing their very best to help themselves; and it's so feeds my soul to play with all the spectacular colors.

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