Week 25

image.jpegWhat you are looking at in the picture are beaded geckos by the Masai artists of Northern Tanzania.

I use them as zipper pulls as another way of keeping the colors front of mind

So what’s been puzzling me for awhile is shapes versus colors. We use both to burn into subby.

My conscious brain keeps wanting to know whether color trumps shape or the other way around? When both are present?

is the confusion deliberate? If so why?

I seem to be doing the mental gymnastics of linking both, but that can sometimes feel like too much when my brain is otherwise busy.

Or, when it is not, why am I doing this?

Is this how it’s supposed to be?



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My small claim to fame is that I have set foot on every continent on this planet. My chief aim is to stay well. Very well. Quite literally, from soups to notes, from supplements to Sonos, I do everything I can find out to keep my cells happy. Very happy. This year I took on support of Naapok BeadWorks. Featuring Beadart of the Masai women of northern Tanzania. Some 60 women, and their children, receive stipends from the sale of their bead art. I love helping people who are doing their very best to help themselves; and it's so feeds my soul to play with all the spectacular colors.

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